Sunday, April 20, 2014

On the Cusp of New Life

New life. Renewal. Liberation. Spend some time in the springtime woods and you'll understand why our religions tell stories of resurrection and freedom at this time of year.

The floor of the woods comes alive with foliage and flowers whose color breaks the brown monotony of fallen leaves. Upon close inspection, the woods awaken from the ground up, with spring beauties, mayapple and redbuds illuminating the understory.

In macro, our late spring is evident. The canopy of the forest is still on the cusp of new life. The trees cast long shadows that cut through the emerging green, as if to remind us of their history even as the future unfolds at their feet.

I sit on the edge of the woods and see that these elders are not truly dormant. By unfocusing my eyes, I find that they, too, are trimmed in spring's color. The tips of every branch buzz with potential against the blue Easter morning sky.

The lesson of spring, the chance for renewal no matter how harsh the winter, lies in each bud on the end of every branch -- and in each of us as we start a new season of our lives.

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