Sunday, December 8, 2013

The Difference of a Dusting

I watched both the sky and the weather radar on Friday as news of a strong winter storm filled my social media feeds, hopeful for at least a blanket of snow to protect the garden from the cold now stinging our cheeks in Central Illinois. My anticipation weakened throughout the day as the landscape remained exposed to the arctic blast, teased by no more than a few minutes of icy pellets in the morning.

By Sunday morning, I'd moved beyond hope and assumed the weekend would finish with the same dreary cold with which it began. That is, until I walked past the window in our master bathroom and saw flakes blowing through the air, adding to the thin layer of snow now covering the lawns and streets of our neighborhood.

The muted browns of winter suddenly seem richer and more distinct. The blue and green conifers gather frosting between their needles. Branches become lined with nature's icing, sculpted by the breeze.

The thinnest dusting of snow makes all the difference in the garden.

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