Saturday, June 9, 2012

Window Shopping at the Chicago Botanic Garden

Echeveria 'Compact Glow'
If I had to pick one item off the list of reasons why you should visit a botanic garden, it would be window shopping. There is nothing quite like walking through acres and acres of cultivated gardens -- especially with other garden friends -- getting cultivar and combination ideas for your own garden. It's an opportunity for you to see plants in garden settings, rather than sitting on a greenhouse bench in your local garden center.

On my trip last weekend to the Chicago Botanic Garden, my eye and camera lens were on the hunt for interesting new plants that would be good additions to my home garden. This is what I found.


Verbascum 'Clementine'

Thalictrum aquilegifolium 'Purpureum'

Iris 'Bryee Leigh'

Iris 'Scamp'


Solenostemon (perhaps Mocha Velvet)

Lactuca sativa 'Merlot'

Baptisia 'Solar Flare' Prairiefire Blues™

Papaver orientale 'Effendi'

Rosa Magic Carrousel™
If you're ever feeling a lack of inspiration in your own garden, take a trip to a nearby botanic garden. I guarantee you'll be filled with ideas on your return home.

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  1. Beautiful. Love the floral inspiration. Gorgeous colors!