Saturday, June 30, 2012

Garden Walk: June 30, 2012

Relative cool (70F+low humidity) greeted me in the garden this morning, after a scorching few days of heat. The afternoon threatens a return to triple digits, but the garden looks no worse for the wear thanks to my wife's dedicated watering regimen. Our area is under the first stage of drought warnings after the driest June on record, so our only options are regular irrigation or letting the garden die. We'll have more of a challenge if we end up under water restrictions, but we'll do everything we can to keep the garden chugging along.

As long as we quench their thirst, most of the plants seem to thrive in the heat. I can't remember our garden ever looking as good. Please enjoy a walk through our garden......

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  1. Your photos are beautiful. It is really dry in S Wisconsin also so I am doing daily selective watering of my I-want-one-of-everything garden (also hoping not to have to cope with watering restrictions). I have a lot in bloom but your garden looks a whole lot more orderly and well tended than mine!