Sunday, May 6, 2012

Garden Views on Gaines Street

On May 1-2, I attended the P. Allen Smith Garden2Blog event in Little Rock, Arkansas with 23 other garden bloggers from around the country. Over a non-stop 48 hours, we visited gardens, talked about new garden products with PAS sponsors and partners, and networked with each other. I'll be doing a series of blog posts on the event.

On Tuesday afternoon and evening, we visited Allen's original garden home on Gaines Street. It was interesting to see the place where his home and garden show started, especially since we'd spend all of Wednesday out at the new Garden Home at Moss Mountain Farm.

The Gaines Street home is built on a small city lot, and packs a whole lot of garden into a small space. It is a perfect example of how the average gardener doesn't need acres of property to have a beautiful garden. I was pleasantly surprised to see how accessible Allen's gardens were, in the sense that -- despite being beautifully designed -- the gardens weren't out-of-reach for the average city or suburban gardener.

After participating in seminars by Jobe's, Black Gold and BioSafe Systems and enjoying a delicious dinner of catfish and hushpuppies, I took a few minutes to stroll through the Gaines Street garden with my camera. (Most of the photos are tightly framed, because I like my garden details and, well, it's a bit difficult to do full garden shots with 24 bloggers roaming around.)

In full disclosure, Hortus, Inc. covered travel and lodging costs as well as provided food during the event. While the bloggers in attendance are sure to share the experience with their readers, there was no expectation or requirement that we do so.


  1. Christoper - These shots are beautiful and capture the details of the gardens at Gaines. Thank you for sharing them.

  2. Beautiful! Do you know what type of flower/plant the third shot is?

  3. The third plant is Acanthus (Bear's Breaches).

  4. Wonderful photos. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Love your photos, Chris! You captured details I missed, and combos I'll surely be using in containers in the next few weeks. I didn't even see the Indian Pinks while there - surprising since they're favorites. In our garden, they're not even budding yet.