Sunday, March 4, 2012

A Pot of Color To Hurry Spring Along

I freely admit that I'm an impatient gardener. I walked around the garden today, noticing wonderful signs of spring popping up in nook after nook. Tulips, daffodils and grape hyacinth have broken through the soil. The first crocus flowers have emerged but not yet opened. Dark maroon foliage has sprouted on many of the roses. With the official start of spring just 17 days away, you'd think I'd be content to let spring color slowly unfold.

Nope. I made the mistake of going to one of our local garden centers yesterday for a couple of items I needed for another project. Well, the mistake was actually walking out into the greenhouse to see if the spring annuals had arrived. It's hard to describe the almost lustful feeling that consumes a gardener at the first sight of spring color on the garden center benches, but I was finding it difficult to think of anything else after returning home.

Today, I gave into the temptation. I returned to the garden center, with a modest goal of buying a few flowers to fill a single pot on our front porch -- something to satisfy my appetite while I wait for the rest of spring to arrive, and provide Mother Nature a little inspiration to hurry spring along.

Viola 'Midnight Glow'


Bellis perennis Bellisima™ Red

Doronicum 'Leonardo Compact'


Isolepis cernua 'Live Wire'

Ranunculus Maché™ Red


  1. That smoky viola 'Midnight Glow' looks dangerous! I think of violas as sweet, pretty things, but that one is a sophisticated hussy. I love it.

  2. Beautiful. Your plant combinations are stunning. Thank you for the inspiration.

  3. My goodness, this is unbelievably gorgeous. I WANT IT. All of it.

  4. Gorgeous the oranges with purple!