Saturday, February 4, 2012

Soiled Again: Common Ground for Gardeners

Today, a new group for gardeners has been created on Facebook. Soiled Again is common ground – a place created for gardeners to come together to share with -- and learn from -- each other. Whether we garden in a small pot on an apartment windowsill or an endless acreage in the country, we share the spirit of growing. 

Soiled Again is an open forum to discuss gardening topics. We encourage all members to share their experiences, post questions or start conversations on topics that interest them. Most of the conversation will be spontaneous and generated by the members.

This group was created with a singular assumption – that our common love for growing can bring us together from all walks of life. Each one of us approaches the art, technique and experience of gardening in unique ways, based on our environments, life experiences and personal preferences. Perhaps the appeal of gardening lies in nature’s reluctance to follow hard, fast rules.

As such, participation in Soiled Again has only one ground rule: Respect each other. This group is moderated by a collection of gardeners whose personal beliefs range as widely as their geographic distribution, but all hold fast to the belief that sharing and learning is best achieved in an environment of respect.

Please join in the conversation at This link will take you directly to the group on Facebook. (You do need a Facebook account to participate). Once you've joined, it's time to tell of your experiences, collect the wisdom of others, and enjoy a little camaraderie with your fellow stewards of the soil.

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