Monday, November 7, 2011

Beauty, Even in the Gloom

The tone for the day is often set the moment we set foot out the door. This morning a steady drizzle greeted me, the annoying kind of rain that scoffs at umbrellas and seems to surround you in Newtonian disobedience. The sky was a murky gray, barely betraying a sun that had risen an hour earlier. It was the kind of welcome that inspires daydreams of hibernation courtesy of a blanket, hot tea and a good book.

But then I saw a single Hibiscus flower, drizzled with November rain, gently reminding me that there is always beauty, even in the gloom. Slowly, my eyes opened to more glimpses of splendor in my garden. The dreary morning became magical and I spent the day feeling like I'd walked into the sweet spot of the universe.

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  1. came from twitter.
    Very nice pic of the bloom. Open or closed, hibiscus blooms are very beautiful.