Sunday, September 4, 2011

A Belated Walk Through My Garden

Life's been on the busy side lately. With a  few out-of-town events and family trips, combined with twice-weekly baseball games for my son, it's been over two weeks since I last walked through my garden with camera in hand. We haven't been watering as much because of our schedule, and the garden is certainly showing signs of suffering through the extreme dry weather that's persisted since mid-summer.

Some rain fell last night and early this morning, but the soil shows little trace of it. After getting the sprinklers going in the severely thirsty areas, I was able to grab a few images of some plants that are shrugging off the dryness to provide continued beauty in the garden.

Soleonstemon 'Trusty Rusty'

Zinnia Swizzle® 'Scarlet and Yellow'

Rosa Knockout® 'Rainbow'

Lablab purpureus (Hyancinth Bean)

Clematis ternifolia (Sweetautumn Clematis)

Rosa Knockout®

Honeybee on Hylotephium 'Matrona'


  1. I love sweet autumn clematis...I am dying to build a trellis on the left hand side of our front door on a brick wall in the corner of the front garden. Nothing like a cascade of those white blossoms to welcome fall!!

  2. Love your photos. Your sweet autumn Clematis is a bit ahead of mine which is just getting ready to burst into bloom.