Sunday, September 11, 2011

Abuzz with Pollinators

My wife and I spent part of the morning hiking around the Illinois Arboretum and were amazed at the number of pollinators buzzing and flitting from flower to flower. Zinnias, Sedum and Caryopteris seemed to be the drinks of choice for the bees and butterflies.

Here are a few that stayed still long enough for me to capture them with my lens.

My wife even did her impression of a pollinator when she spied Colocasia 'Coffee Cups'. Despite our two cups of coffee with breakfast, I think she was hoping the large cup-shaped leaves of this beautiful elephant ear were filled with dark roast instead of rainwater.

Luckily, the espresso machine was in working order when we returned home this afternoon. But I do think we'll be adding this variety to the garden next spring.

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