Monday, August 15, 2011

Live from the Independent Garden Center Show

IGC On Tuesday and Wednesday, I'll be in Chicago as one of the social media communicators at the Independent Garden Center Show. Along with other bloggers and garden media, I'll be posting updates to Twitter (@fromthesoil, #igc2011) and Facebook throughout the show. Follow along on either site to learn more about the exciting plants and garden products that will be showing up in your local garden center. If you'd like me to post about certain plants or products you'd like to learn about, leave a comment below and I'll do my best to search them out for you.

Tonight you can follow #gardenchat on Twitter from 7-9pm. This weekly online gathering of gardeners will be taking it to a whole new level with a live event in Chicago that will be broadcast live on U-Stream.

I'm looking forward to sharing what's new in the gardening world with you!


  1. Hope to see you in Chicago Chris!

  2. What fun!! Enjoy and I look forward to what you are sharing.