Tuesday, April 26, 2011

April Showers Bring.......Snow?

I'm not sure how I fit through my front door when I got home tonight after work, for my smile must have been ten feet wide. As I pulled in the driveway, I was greeted by a carpet of white surrounding the tulips beneath our crabapple tree.

This morning's heavy rain and wind knocked thousands of petals off the crabapple and onto the ground below. It was simply beautiful.

In case you're feeling sad because the tree lost all of its flowers, please don't worry. It's still got plenty to spare.


  1. We had snow a couple weeks ago. I'm hoping it's the last of it! Your crabapple tree is gorgeous - mine isn't blooming yet. However, the magnolia tree in front of our house is snowing pink petals all over the yard! :)