Sunday, March 6, 2011

America's Back Yard at the Chicago Flower & Garden Show

I had the pleasure of visiting the Chicago Flower and Garden Show yesterday as a part of the Garden Writers Association Region V event. For a couple of hours before the gates opened to the general public, we had access to the show floor to photograph the gardens.

One of the garden displays that held my attention was "America's Back Yard," designed by Jeff Cox of The Cypress Group Inc., located in West Chicago, IL.

The garden was simply awash in color, including more than 6,000 annuals planted around a 16-foot gazebo. The display included marguerite daisies, verbena, dianthus, and snapdragons planted in large drifts that created a striking impact for visitors as they entered the show. What some of the other displays lacked in color, "America's Back Yard" made up for many times over. While an annual display of this size is likely not practical or affordable to the average homeowner, taken in smaller pieces this garden could be easily installed to give a splash of color to the home landscape.

The Chicago Flower and Garden Show runs through March 13, 2011 at Chicago's Navy Pier. For more information, see

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