Saturday, February 5, 2011

Taking the Guesswork Out of Container Design

While attending the National Green Centre trade show in St. Louis last month, it was fascinating to walk the show floor and talk with vendors about new and innovative plant marketing strategies. One strategy that I found particularly brilliant is the Trixi™ program offered by Selecta First Class/Ball Horticultural Company.

Trixi™ Twinkle Star (photo courtesy of Selecta)
Through the Trixi™ program, growers/garden centers are offered a combination liners of three plants that are chosen for performance, habit, color combination and  flower timing. These plants can then be grown in baskets, pots and other containers. Essentially, the guesswork is taken out of plant combination for the grower/retailer. Trixi™ liners allow the retailer to still offer beautiful products to their customers who want to purchase a finished container, rather than build one themselves.

Trixi™ Paso Doble (photo courtesy of Selecta)
You can find out more about the Trixi™ program at the First Class Plants website. Trixi™ liners are a product of Selecta First Class (the Klemm family in Germany) and offered in the United States through Ball Horticulture Company.

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