Saturday, March 20, 2010

Seeds on the Way

I'm not the most patient gardener, especially when it comes to annual plants in the landscape. I've always been the type to head to the garden center in May, load up on flats and spend an afternoon adding splashes of color with containers throughout our garden.

But this year, inspired by other garden bloggers and a desire to spend less, I've decided to grow some annuals (and a few perennials) from seed. In a few days, the following seeds should arrive from 
  • Centaurea cyanus 'Blue Boy' (Cornflower)
  • Asclepias tuberosa (Butterfly Weed)
  • Gomphrena haageana QIS Series
  • Pennisetum glaucum 'Purple Majesty'
  • Salvia farinacea 'Victoria'
  • Penstemon grandiflorus 'Esprit'
  • Leucanthemum x superbum 'Alaska' (Shasta Daisy)
It will be an interesting experiment to see if it's worth setting up a more permanent seed growing/plant propagation area in our house. With the cost of nursery grown plant escalating every year (I just spent $36 on 96 pansy/viola plants yesterday), I'm hoping that starting some of my plant from seed will allow more of my landscape budget to go into larger projects like hardscaping and new planting beds.

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  1. I am attempting to grow a lot from seed this year. Primarily native woodland plants simply because you can't buy them easily, plus it is great for mass plantings. Salvia farinacea 'Victoria' is one I've got going.