Saturday, March 20, 2010


On Wednesday of this past week, the lunchtime weather was perfect for a quick photo walk around the Illinois campus. The sidewalk along the north side of the Campus Recreation Center East is lined with young magnolia trees. Each spring, I make sure to watch the buds carefully so that I don't miss the first ones opening.

All of the trees had buds that were swelling with great anticipation in the warm, sunny weather, but I found just one that had actually broken its winter seal to reveal the slightest bit of its inner beauty.

When I saw that the March Gardening Gone Wild Photo Contest was themed "Awakening," I knew this would be the photo to submit.


  1. Nice shot! Good entry for the contest. Good luck!

  2. Great Photo! Now I know where i knew your name from. You are the photo entry right above mine in the GGW Picture this photo contest. When we drew your name as the GardenShoesOnline contest winner, I knew I had heard it before. Good luck in this contest too. Maybe you are on a roll. Enjoyed reading your blog.

  3. Just wait until I tell Mr. Sorry that I stumbled upon a garden blogger in Champaign, his old stomping ground as a U of I student. Coldest campus on earth, he says. LOL