Thursday, October 1, 2009

Christmas in October

Opened the front door today to find a small cardboard box, ornamented with Christmas decorations...and a label that read Dutch Gardens. Inside the box were the five iris I had ordered at the end of August. Just when I thought that I was done with planting for the season (because I really don't need to spend any more money on plants this year), this pleasant surprise comes along.

The five iris include four German and one Dutch iris:

Iris germanica 'Florentine Silk' (36", late spring-late summer)

Iris germanica 'Mariposa Skies' (33-36", early summer)

Iris germanica 'Role Model' (33-36", early summer)

Iris germanica 'Rock Star' (30", late spring to late summer)

Iris hollandica 'Autumn Princess' (20-24", late spring/early summer)

I may end up interplanting the 'Autumn Princess' with 'Mariposa Skies', while placing 'Florentine Silk' and 'Role Model' at the base of our light-pole beneath the Clematis jackmanii. 'Rock Star' may find a home near a red-stemmed sedum at the base of the 'Fat Albert' spruce in the front border.

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