Sunday, June 14, 2009

Planting a Rainbow

We've started a new border in the landscape, on front-yard side to the south of our house. It's currently just mulch, but we've moved an old half whiskey barrel as a placeholder until more permanent landscaping can be put in -- and gave the kid free reign to design the container as he wanted. He choose "rainbow garden" as the theme. So this afternoon we trekked out to Prairie Gardens (a local nursery) and went shopping for the rainbow.

The kid settled on:

Red: Salvia 'Medium Red'
Pink: Petunia 'Pink Madness'
Orange: Marigold 'Dwarf Orange'
Yellow: Melampodium 'Showstar'
Purple: Petunia 'Midnight Madness'
Blue: Torenia 'Summer Wave Blue'
Green: Fiber Optic Grass Isolepis cernus

I'll post rainbow updates through the summer as it fills in.
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