Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Color of June

Considered a lowly plant by many a garden snob, Hemerocallis fulva (Common Orange Daylily or colloquially "ditch lily") is a mainstay in our yard this time of year. The bed surrounding our mailbox as well as the 18-inch strip between the driveway and the house is currently ablaze with the oranges and yellows of these 4-5 foot tall beauties. True to their name, each bloom only lasts a day (leading to a lot of evening deadheading), but we get literally thousands of blooms each summer. The patches in the back and side yards (including a double flowered variety) have not started blooming as of this weekend, but soon will be brigtenting up those areas as well.

The photo above is a Hemerocallis fulva at the corner of the house along the driveway. It's backed by the burgundy-toned Clematis 'Rouge Cardinal', a great color combination in my book.
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