Saturday, May 2, 2009

Finally...A Day in the Garden

Between the rain and spring family schedule, finding time in the garden has been difficult this year. But today, the clouds and our busy lives both cooperated to allow me an entire afternoon to start on the landscape's spring cleaning. Didn't get as far as I'd planned, but the driveway bed and half of the front foundation border are spruced up and ready for mulch (hopefully next weekend).

A few notes:
  • Had to move one of the sedum from around our Fat Albert Spruce because the tree has grown so much, it had buried the clump of sedum. Put it temporarily between the Carefree Delight 'Sunrise' rose and the Lamb's Ear in the driveway bed. It may move a second time, because I'm not happy with the location right now.
  • I hate grass. I hate grass. I hate grass. Especially in combination with adjacent groundcovers in the flower borders. Will soon have to dig out about 30 square feet of border just to eliminate the grass, it's so embedded and intertwined among the periwinkle. There are days when I'm tempted to rip out every last blade of Kentucky Blue.

What's blooming? Lilacs, periwinkle, perennial geranium (pictured above), dogwood, sandcherry, grape hyacinth, and three steadfast tulips.

What's up next? Peonies and German Iris. So the yard is about to explode in purple, yellow, pink, white and burgundy.

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